Upload your videos to all your platforms with one click.

Upload your video once and let us do the boring work of distributing it on all your channels

Uploading 400MB video to 5 different platforms…
Not fun! Right?

No more failed upload attempts because of an unreliable internet connection. If an user action is needed, we will alert you via mail.

reCasts helps you by uploading your video file to youtube and facebook at the same time.

5 different backups cluttering your hard drive?
Not fun! Right?

reCasts embeds itself in your workflow. Upload your file to dropbox and we will distribute it to your social media platforms.

Upload a file from dropbox directly.

Copying and pasting the same title, description and tags. Not fun! Right?

Save separate description presets for facebook and youtube, that you can append to your movie.

We find typography within your document with ocr

Know what would be great?

Uploading one file to dropbox and letting us do all the boring stuff.